Accelerated Reader Program

Accelerated Reading (AR) is a vital part of each Ouachita Christian School student's educational experience in grades 1-8. The first Accelerated Reader program Model School in Louisiana, OCS has used AR for thirty years with great success. During this time, research has shown a direct correlation between using AR and an increase in student ACT scores.  Just as practicing skills is important in music, sports, math, etc., it is equally important in the development of reading skills.  Time spent reading will increase each student’s ability to excel academically both now and in their future.


Accelerated Reader guides students to select books on their reading level, read independently, and take an independent online comprehension test. Students earn points based on each book's length and reading level, determined by the number of questions they answer correctly on the tests. Teachers set goals and challenges for their students during the year while the AR program tracks their progress. The AR program, along with phonics, comprehension skills, ACT Academy, CommonLit, Actively Learn and other tools, is a significant piece of the OCS reading program. 

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