Major forms of Communication: PlusPortals, weekly folders, website, mass texts, emails, morning announcements


Other forms of Communication:  Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, class generated text apps, radio stations, television, newspaper, surveys


PARENT incoming communication  

  • Phone calls returned within 24 hours                       

  • Emails returned within 24 hours

  • Letters by post acknowledged within 72 hours

  • Hand delivered notes within 24 hours



  • Assignments and tests placed in gradebook within one week

  • PROJECTS and RESEARCH within two weeks

  • Grades update on PlusPortals in real time

  • Report cards are emailed to stakeholders on a quarterly basis.

  • Transcripts are available by request



  • Daily phone calls made by receptionist

  • Notes to be submitted within 3 days (7-12 office), (Prek-6 homeroom teacher)

  • Excessive tardies for detention letters from office

  • Excessive absences letters from administration.

  • Students are asked to stay home 24 hours after fever, stomach virus or flu to prevent the spread of germs to other students.

  • Head lice letters will be sent out when one child in a class becomes infected.  The child may return to class when treatment is successful.  



Conferences may be requested through the administration secretary, principal or the classroom teachers.  Conferences may be requested for academic, discipline, bullying concerns or anything else that affects the student performance.



(See Handbooks for specific instructions)

Texts and emails will be sent to parents and guardians; media will be informed of early releases, delayed openings or evacuations.  Lockdown (practice or real) notices will be sent by text and email.  Parents are asked NOT to come to campus during security threats as it impairs emergency vehicles since we only have one entrance to the campus.  The sheriff’s office will stop any traffic along 165 N and not allow access to the campus.



  • PreK-6 lost items will be in the elementary corridor.

  • 7-12 lost items will be in the front office, lab or respective fieldhouse


  • We are not responsible for lost items and items over 30 days will be donated to local charities.



The after-school program is staffed with certified personnel and workers.  Forms may be found online.  The program allows time for homework completion, structured and free play.  Parents must call the office before 2:30 to change plans for utilizing after-school.  The director has a binder of all pertinent information for the child including emergency phone numbers, allergies, people that may or may not pick the child up and other information.  Children left after 6:00 are fined by the minute per the afterschool contract.



The Headmaster, President or Principal may speak to the media when contacted for a statement.  Individual teachers are not encouraged to make statements to the media without administration approval.  The only exception to this policy is within athletic interviews with coaches about their teams.  Journalists may not interview students without administration and/or parent approval. 

SOCIAL MEDIA accounts must reflect the mission and purpose of Ouachita Christian schools.  We reserve the right to withhold admission to students, teachers and/or families where our Christian ministry is compromised.

The privacy of our students, teachers and their families is fiercely guarded. 



  • Emergencies and other pertinent information transmitted by text, email and intercom system

  • Monthly staff meetings, all staff emails, morning announcements, daily attendance and tardy emails, texting and weekly calendars are used to for organizational information.

  • An open door policy is in effect with all three administrative offices for private conferences. 

  • Teachers have access to a guidance counselor for concerns along with the administration.



  • Anonymous surveys are given yearly to all staff, parents and students to rate and give input into the school years.

  • Surveys are electronic and each parent/student/staff member is sent the link by email and asked to fill out.  They are scored through the AdvancedEd ASSIST program.

  • Survey results are reviewed by the administration; reported to the staff; input is requested; reported to the Board with all input included.



  • Seasonal schedules will be provided to the athlete and their family at the beginning of a season.  They are also available in the front office and on the website.

  • Parents are required to attend a meeting with the Athletic Director before participating in a varsity/high school sport. The AD outlines all school procedures, rules, models of acceptable behavior, and other pertinent information. 

  • Changes in the athletic schedules are communicated by text, email, social media, and schoolwide intercom announcements.

  • Booster club communication begins before a season begins and continues the rest of the school year.  Communication from Booster club officers or the OCS AD through email, text, website and social media. The President of the school/AD supervises all the booster club activities and fund raising.

  • Concerns about an athletic program should be taken to the head coach of the team.  If resolution does not occur, the concerns may be taken to the AD.



  • Dates are announced on the schoolwide calendar at the beginning of school.

  • Testing results are available as they are received from the testing agency.           



OCS believes community service is a foundational part of our Christian walk.  Every grade and organization has a service project of their choosing each year.  9-12 grades have required service hours for their Bible grade.  Service hour letters are the responsibility of the student; they must be on letterhead and signed by the church or organization with the amount of hours served. 



  • Yearly stakeholder survey

  • Athletic booster club meetings

  • Annual fund meetings

  • Parent-teacher-administration conferences

  • Email and letters

  • Varsity athletic participation meetings


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  • Instagram - Black Circle
  • Twitter Round
  • YouTube Round