2019-2020 Dress Code

Excerpt from 2019-2020 Parent-Student Handbook

 A person's character and relationship with God are reflected in all aspects of his/her life including dress. Clothing is immodest if its style, cut, coloration, or fit hinders others from looking at the wearer's face. God wants His character to be communicated to others through the countenance of Christians. Clothes and hairstyles should simply be the frame to the character of the face, not a distraction from it. Even though we are more concerned about matters of the heart than outward appearance, we firmly believe that a person's appearance reflects his/her inner being. Christians should especially be sensitive to MODESTY and appropriateness in attire. Because times and styles change, it is difficult to determine what the trends will be from one year to the next. Sometimes, even Christian young people can be caught up in styles that represent philosophies and lifestyles that are not Christ-like. Therefore, clothing and grooming that are questionable regarding modesty or appropriateness are prohibited.  If, in the opinion of any faculty member or administrator, a student is not dressed appropriately, he/she will be subject to disciplinary action. The administration will serve as the final authority in all dress and grooming matters.

PreK-2nd Grade Dress Code

Shirts, Blouses, Tops

  • No halter tops, midriff tops, or blouses with spaghetti straps


Shorts (and, for girls: dresses and skirts)

  • Of appropriate length, defined as mid-thigh or longer


3rd-12th Grade Dress Code

Shirts, Blouses, Tops

  • Required on campus at all times, including athletic practice and events.

  • Length must cover back at all times.

  • No objectionable wording or graphics.

  • No athletic tank tops, sports tops, racerback tops.

  • T-shirts allowed.


  • Shoulders and back area covered.

  • No cut-outs

  • No keyhole or low-cut necklines.

  • May be sleeveless if shoulders covered (measured as an adult hand-width on shoulder)

  • Tunic-style blouses allowed if appropriate length covers entire back side, dropping 3-5 inches below back region, and is worn with leggings.


  • No muscle or sleeveless shirts.

  • Tucking in is NOT required on ANY day of the week.


Dresses (Girls Only)

  • May be worn during the school day.

  • Length 3 inches or less from knee if kneeling.

  • Shoulders and back area covered.

  • No cut-outs

  • No keyhole or low-cut necklines.

  • May be sleeveless if shoulders covered.


Pants, Jeans, Leggings

  • Pants must be neat and free of holes.

  • Baggy and sloppy pants not allowed.

  • Athletic pants (includes but not limited to sweatpants, basketball shorts, wind shorts) not permitted.

  • No writings/slogans on posterior.

  • Holes, tears, distresses in jeans may not be bigger than Band-aid if horizontal or quarter if shaped like a hole.


  • Leggings: May be worn with appropriate tunic blouse (see above) or dress (see above).



  • Defined as having zipper closure and button and made of traditional short materials such as denim or heavy cottons.

  • Denim or non-athletic fabric (khakis or cottons)

  • “Chubbies” not allowed.

  • Length must reach the top of the knee.

  • PE shorts must be knee-length basketball shorts.

  • Nike-style shorts not permitted

  • Cut-offs no allowed.

  • [3rd-6th] ATHLETIC SHORTS (knee-length athletic material) may be worn by students in grades 3-6 on PE days only.


Hair and Makeup

  • Style must not draw undue attention to the individual.

  • [5th-6th] Girls are not allowed to wear makeup.


  • Well-groomed. Must not touch shirt collar. Must not cover eyebrows.

  • Facial Hair: Clean-shaven, sideburns no longer than bottom of ear.


Caps, Earrings, Tattoos, Etc.

  • No body piercing, other than mentioned, is acceptable.

  • No visible tattoos.

  • No hats or caps allowed in school building during school hours.

  • BOYS may not wear earrings. 


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