Admissions Requirements

Applicants for admission to Ouachita Christian School must furnish evidence that they are physically and emotionally fit, of good moral character, and academically capable. In addition, all applicants must: 

  • Provide all required application forms and documentation listed here for admissions evaluation, and

  • Be eligible for re-enrollment in the school last attended, and

  • Have not been suspended or expelled from school last attended, and

  • Have no academic grade average lower than "C," and

  • Be free of severe learning or behavioral problems, and

  • Be administered a placement test (grades 3 and up), results of which are a factor in determining admissions and/or placement, and

  • Not be transferring directly from/has not recently been released from any type of rehabilitation program (drug, alcohol, behavioral, mental, etc.), and

  • (Entering PreK-3 or PreK-4), be three years old on or before September 30 of the current school year, and

  • (Entering PreK-3 or PreK-4), be potty-trained. 

A Word about Learning Differences

Because Ouachita Christian School is a college preparatory school with extremely high academic standards, it is very difficult for students who have learning challenges to function well academically at OCS.  We realize that the name “Christian” does not imply or necessitate that we become all things to all people any more than a doctor who specializes in one type of surgery is expected to perform surgery for which he/she has not been trained.  

Therefore, it is our goal as a Christian school to assist every student who qualifies for admission.  In order to do this with children who have mild learning disabilities, we offer a tutoring program call SOAR. This program does not modify; rather, it accommodates the regular curriculum. For students with severe learning challenges, our counseling staff will be glad to assist you with placement suggestions.

Admissions Exceptions

Any exception to admissions policies may be made by the appropriate admissions committee after a prayerful and thorough review of any mitigating circumstances.




OCS does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin

regarding policies, educational offerings, financial aid programs,

athletic programs, and other school-sponsored activities.


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