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Welcome to The Shack!

February 12, 2018

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11/17/15 Morning Announcements

November 17, 2015


  • **We are out of empty shoeboxes, but have brochures and labels.  You may gift wrap your own shoebox, or use the plastic ones. Please enclose a $7 check for shipping and handling. Deadline is Wed., Nov.18th!

  • Any middle school students who have participated in Operation Christmas Child, please come to Mrs. Wooten’s room today at break for cookies, and to PRAY over our BOXES.

  • Freshman Officers need to meet in the Library at break.

  • Graduate Sales will be here at lunch on Thursday, November 19th to take orders from juniors and seniors.

  • Friday, November 20th is the last day to register for the December ACT with a late fee.

  • ULM will be here at break on Thursday, November 19th to meet with any interested high school students.

  • All MS & HS girls PE go to the lab.

BIRTHDAYS TODAY:                    LUNCH TODAY:                              LUNCH TOMORROW:

Bethany Savage                         Grilled Chicken Sandwich          Jambalaya                    

Taylor Shanas                           Chips                                              French Bread

Reed Smalling                           Brownie                                         Salad

Aaron Eldridge                                                                                 Satsuma

Zoie Cavazos                                                                                     Pre-K (Hamburgers)


Luke 1:79

God will help those who live in darkness, in the fear of death. He will guide us into the path that goes toward peace.


DEVO for the Day

Jesus Calling – I have lovingly created a path for your life. Nothing is by accident. Every twist, every turn, is a part of My plan.


Don’t try to see what is up ahead on your path. And don’t keep turning around and looking at the past. Here-and-Now is the only place you can live. When you are constantly looking at the past or the future, today slips through your fingers, half-lived. Don’t worry about the test you blew last week. Don’t worry about whether or not you’ll get invited to that party next week. Letting go of past and future worries frees you up to enjoy the Here-and-Now.


Today is the day that is filled with My glorious Presence. Today is the day I have filled with blessings. Today is the day I give you My Peace.


READ: Luke 12:25-26

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