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February 12, 2018

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05/08/17 Morning Announcements

  • Eagles Night Out at Catfish Charlie’s is TONIGHT from 4-8PM. Louisville location only.

  • Johnny’s Pizza Pigout will be Tuesday, May 16th from 5-8PM. Desiard location only.

  • There will be a Driver's Ed class beginning May 30 @ 4 pm @ Osterland Recreation.  If you are interested please be there.

  • At lunch, if you have sodas or aluminum cans, please recycle them in the proper bins.

  • Congratulations to our OCS Eagles! The baseball team is Sulphur bound! The semi-final game is Thursday at 1:00PM.

BIRTHDAYS TODAY:                       LUNCH TODAY:

Connor McKoin                             Appetizer Day

Harrison Womack


Isaiah 50:4

Every morning he wakes me. He teaches me to listen like a student.


DEVO for the Day

Jesus Calling - I am always speaking to you, in the depths of your heart. But you must be still so that you can hear My Voice. I speak in the language of Love. My words fill you with Life and Peace, Joy and Hope. I am teaching you to listen to Me - like a student listening to the teacher.


I want to talk with all My children, but many of them are too busy to listen. This world prizes busyness. A lot of people go along with that mind-set, convinced that being still is a waste of time. Then they wonder why I feel so far away.


To live close to Me, you must put Me first. Seek Me before anything else - before chores, before school, before practice, before fun. When you seek Me first, I pour out My Peace and Joy on you. And My Glory shines in your life like the sun.


Read: Revelation 2:4; Isaiah 60:2

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