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February 12, 2018

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10/04/17 Morning Announcements

October 4, 2017

  • PARKING: On Thursday, October 5th, please park in the back parking lot ONLY. Faculty & Staff can park past the Stokes house on Lucky Lane. This is for our expected 300 guests for Louisiana Day from 11AM-1PM.

  • Any high school students interested in joining Ms. DeSalvo and Coach Q on the mission trip in May need to meet in Ms. DeSalvo's room today at break.

  • Friday, October 6th, is the late registration deadline for the October ACT.

  • Please excuse the following 5-6-7-8th grade students for a Cross Country meet on Thursday Oct 5, 2017 at Chennault Park in Monroe. They need to leave your room at 1:10pm (after 6th period). They are to change into their uniform and get on the Bus. If they are not passing your class please let me know. Coach Wilson


      • Colegrove, Avery6

      • Hayden, Carter 6

      • Miller, Daniel 6

      • Philley, Hayden 6

      • Parker, Peyton 5

      • Ham, Hudson 5

      • Harrell, Sam 8

      • Hurley, Grant 8

      • McCrary, Aidan 8

      • Parker, Jay 8

      • Tidwell, Devin 8

      • Simmons, Garrett 8

      • Wimbish, Jayce 7

      • Smith, Jacob 7


      • Robertson, Mia 8

      • Lee, Addison 6

      • Fortenberry Maleal 6

      • Gibson, Madison 6

      • Humble, Caitlin 5

      • Lee, Hannah Claire 5

      • Brown, Anna 5

      • Harrell, Bethany 5

      • Cascio, Marybeth 5

BIRTHDAYS TODAY:                      

Hailey Combetta

Bailee Smith



Chicken Parmesan

over Angel Hair Pasta


Fried Ravioli





Chicken Wings




Psalm 112:7

He is safe because he trusts the Lord.


DEVO for the Day

Jesus Calling - Worship you worries? That sounds crazy, doesn’t it? But whatever you think about the most becomes your god, your idol, the thing you worship. When your worries take on a life of their own and take over your thoughts, you are worshiping your worries.


I want you to break free from your worries. How? By trusting Me. By thinking about Me. By worshiping only Me. No one else knows what goes on inside your mind - not your friends, not your teachers, not even your parents. But I know your every thought, so be careful concerning what you choose to think about. I am constantly searching your thoughts for a sign of your trust in Me. When I find that your thoughts are about Me, I rejoice! Choose to think about Me more and more; this will keep you close to Me.


Read: 1 Corinthians 13:11