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Micah Harper, President

Society seems to pressure our young people to lower their expectations and self-respect. I believe people, in general, have lowered their expectations of what it truly means to be a leader. More so than before I can remember, our society is in need of leaders to step forward and initiate movements to raise these expectations. Our intent is that OCS graduates do just that. Our mission “Preparing Youth for Time and Eternity” is structured to produce leaders with a twofold purpose. We want to bring young people closer to God by providing them with the tools to make a life for themselves in this world and a place in the next. In addition, we want them to leave OCS with the courage to share this foundation with others as community leaders. We pray that OCS produces difference makers, young people motivated to raise the world’s expectations. Being a part of shaping this type of leader is what drives my passion for Christian education.

We seek not to replace public education but rather provide an alternative without the governing restrictions of mainstream schools. It excites me to know we have the freedom to educate and develop the “whole” person. In fact, we expect our graduates to attend the greatest universities and set them on fire for the glory of God. Christian education should produce men and women full of brilliant ideas and a heart for this nation and those beyond. OCS should yield leaders in passionate pursuit of bringing pleasure to God through loving and leading his people into the fullness of His plan. Some will get this mission, some will not; but to the success, we give God the glory and press on.

Bobby Stokes, Headmaster

The last eighteen months have certainly challenged us all. We’re glad to have the ’21-’22 school year under way, despite all the obstacles we all have had to overcome. We truly appreciate our faculty, staff and administration for their understanding, flexibility and accommodations as we’ve negotiated through these unchartered waters.

Welcome to our website. For some, it’s the first step in learning about our school. Next, feel free to visit our campus. I’ll be glad to show you the features and recent improvements to our campus and the dreams we have for the future. More importantly, I would love to sit down and share some prayer time with you as we “Prepare Youth for Time and Eternity” here at Ouachita Christian School.

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Jayme Stokes, Principal

As I begin my thirtieth year at OCS, I am thankful for what OCS has meant to the spiritual walk of my children's, my grandchildren's, and my life as a whole. Watching five students of one senior class graduate from medical school; a nurse midwife serving in Haiti adopt a beautiful daughter; young men play with integrity in the NFL and MLB; families and staff make financial sacrifices to be at our school; gatherings at marriages, births, and funerals in unity of the Spirit, a DA stand up for justice and the law; and too many other memories to list remind me of “preparing youth for time and eternity.” OCS graduates serve our Creator in all facets of society. I am thankful for the godly men and women who had a dream over 40 years ago for this school and I am proud to continue that dream into the 21st century. Jeremiah the prophet told us, “This is what the LORD says: 'Stand at the crossroads and look; ask for the ancient paths, ask where the good way is, and walk in it, and you will find rest for your souls.'” Those ancient paths are still true today. Our school is founded on teaching our children those ancient paths in a postmodern world, ways that will equip them to be the light in our world. Our school is committed to Christian education that will arm our society’s next leaders in the home, in medicine, in the church, in business and in every profession known to us.