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COVID-19 Operations

COVID-19 Operations Plan 2020-21

Promise StatementCovid Ready

Ouachita Christian School is bound by faith and honor to provide the best possible education for our stakeholders in all circumstances. We have prayerfully spent many hours in contemplation and reflection. We have made decisions grounded in current and emerging research (sources noted below), sought the advice of professionals, and used our knowledge of available resources to formulate this plan. We seek to merit your trust as you allow us to prepare your child For Time and Eternity.

*This plan is subject to change. See “How We Communicate with You” section for details on how to stay informed.

A Versatile Campus Redesign

We reimagined our facilities to protect those entrusted to us:

  • Removed 32-year-old carpet in lower grade rooms and replaced it with tile planking
  • Purchased portable desk shields for each student
  • Employed advanced sanitation methods (aerosol applicators for dispensing disinfectant over large areas)
  • Created plan for social distancing/pods in all classrooms
  • Built outdoor hand-washing stations
  • Purchased touchless thermometers for each class/athletic team

Most importantly, our purchase of the land on Lucky Lane and our pecan orchards was providential, resulting in additional eleven acres now officially designated as an agri-education site to be used for teaching, social distancing and lunch.

Hybrid Education: You Choose

Need to quarantine? Immunocompromised? We have a plan for you. OCS will provide these methods of instruction:

  • Online instruction in Phase 0 and the option of online or face-to-face (FTF) instruction in Phases 1, 2, and
  • Virtual classrooms for students who require distance learning for any reason.
  • One-to-one devices for all students K-12 and Google Classroom platform for all instruction in PreK-12.

What Students Will Need Every Day

  • Refillable water bottle
  • TWO masks for all students PreK-12
  • OCS-licensed Chromebook and charger

How We Communicate with You

Parents’ partnership in checking these communication resources frequently is essential to the success of this plan:

  • Google Classroom will be the primary method of communicating classroom-related information. All assignments/links/apps will be bookmarked in one easy site for students and parents to use. Parents will receive an invitation to join their child’s Google Classrooms and must accept to receive up
  • Email communications will provide general school information.
  • OCS COVID-19 Operations webpage will be updated with changes.
  • Text messaging will be used in case of emergency.

What If: COVID Protocols

A Brief Overview: Students/Teachers who are exposed to COVID-19 will be asked to quarantine.  Exposure is considered being within six feet of an infected individual for more than 15 minutes.  Students/teachers who test positive will be asked to quarantine 14 days and test negative before returning. A more detailed protocol will be released separately.

How We Protect Our People

Our Students and Staff

  • Masks in transition mandatory (arrivals, departures and halls)
  • Masks urged in grades 3-12 by Governor/LDH
  • Portable individual desk shields in class
  • Handwashing stations
  • Cohort & pod groups, modified schedules and class sizes
  • Increased sanitation
  • Temperature checks
  • Hand sanitizer in all areas
  • Teacher masking when social distancing not feasible


  • All visitors to the front office will be required to wear a mask.
  • To protect all students and staff from unnecessary exposure, no parents/visitors will be allowed into any building past the front office.

The Daily Schedule: An Overview

Arrival at School (Phases 1-3): Students with masks will be met at their drop-off/entry point for a quick touchless temperature check. A staff member will walk Lower Elementary and PreK students to their classrooms. 

During the School Day: Outdoor hand-washing stations will be used.  Students will have numerous opportunities for outdoor education. Masks worn in halls/during class changes. Field trips and visitors to campus are not allowed while in Phases 1-3.  Library will be available for check-outs only in Phase 1-2.

Lunch (Phases 1-3): Cafeteria will provide takeout-packaged meals, or students may bring lunch from home. No lunches can be delivered or dropped off during the day. A student without lunch will be given/charged for a takeout lunch from the cafeteria.

Chapels will be streamed to classrooms. Lockers will not be used this fall. After-school Care will not be provided in Phase 1.