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High School LabOuachita Christian School is a college-preparatory institution and therefore follows or exceeds the requirements of the Louisiana Department of Education. All high school students complete the necessary coursework to meet the university graduation pathway and course requirements for TOPS, the state’s scholarship program. Beyond these basic requirements, OCS also offers four years of Bible, including a review of the Old and New Testaments and a historical study of Christianity. The liberal arts portion of the curriculum is enriched with choir, piano, band and art.

The combination of these disciplines emphasizes critical thinking and free expression, both essential to our culture’s vitality. Our goal is to make learning a stimulating experience so that our students will develop the motivation, discipline, and intellectual curiosity necessary to fulfill their potential. We offer AP courses in Calculus, Government and English. We offer Honors selections in Math, Art, English, Fine Arts Survey, Science and Social Studies. We offer the languages of French and Spanish. We offer 12 Dual Enrollment courses with University of Louisiana at Monroe and Louisiana Tech University for college credit earned during high school.

Because we believe a well-rounded education goes beyond classroom instruction, extracurricular activities are strongly supported at OCS. Activities include state and regional Literary Rally, ACT prep, a nationally recognized art department, band, football, basketball, baseball, track, softball, soccer, cross country, cheerleading, EagleLine, tennis, golf, job shadowing, and college days, and international, national and local chaperoned trips.

We believe service to the community is an essential part of our Christian walk. Students work monthly at the Northeast Louisiana Food Bank and DeSiard Street homeless shelter, and yearly with CASA, the Center for the Children and Families, Samaritan’s Purse, Pennies for Patients, Relay for Life, American Heart Association, Lifeshare Blood Drive, and other organizations.