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Christian education at OCS is a community endeavor. It takes all of us to make it a success -- teachers, parents, alumni, and community members.
OCS teaches students to live confidently, strive for excellence and serve. This requires financial support and asks all who believe in this mission to come together to give of their time, talents, and financial resources. 
The guiding principles of our mission include:
  • We approach education from a biblical worldview.
  • God is the Creator and Owner of all things.
  • Each of us is a steward of all His blessings.
  • God is glorified and receives praise for all we accomplish.
  • Giving is a spiritual discipline and sacred trust.
These principles encourage us to remain true to our long legacy of graduating exceptional students who make a positive difference in the lives of their families, communities, and churches. These principles also remind us that upholding a legacy requires a combined effort of all of us in fulfilling God's call to service.
Please donate to OCS, and your gift will enable students to find their purpose and strengthen OCS to continue our mission of Preparing Youth for Time and Eternity.