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Giving TuesdayGiving Tuesday November 30, 2021
After we’ve given thanks to God for our health and families, after we’ve gone Christmas shopping on Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday, won’t you take a moment to invest in your child’s education on Giving Tuesday?

The best way this year to invest is to thank our teachers. We’re talking teachers who make 60% of what their counterparts in the public system make, while still providing an excellent education for your children.

In fact, when many other schools have struggled the past 18 months through shutdowns and virtual learning, OCS kept students involved and learning. Consequently, our students have never fallen behind and have kept up with all requirements. We can thank our teachers for providing such success. Better yet, we can help them by giving to the Teacher Bonus fund or the Teacher Endowment.

It takes a lot of resources to keep up with not only the academic needs but other facets of OCS’ operation as well. We’re replacing our worn-out track, and support is needed to finalize that project. The track, which gets much use from all grades, parents, sports, and sometimes the community, is in dire need of resurfacing, a project that’s been overdue for several years.

In addition, we are dedicating funds from Giving Tuesday to tuition assistance. It’s part of OCS’ mission to provide aid to those who are truly in need. Some families are stricken with unexpected medical expenses, loss of job, etc. We never want to lose a student because of these unforeseen crises.

As always, we work hard to keep OCS tuition as affordable as possible. We thank you for your generosity in the past and look forward to continuing to provide the excellent education your child deserves.

Community Support

OCS is grateful for community support in furthering our mission, Educating Youth for Time and Eternity.

Ways you can support our school include volunteering your time or talents or donating monetarily. We gratefully accept your monetary gifts, which can come in the form of cash (credit card or checks). Please contact the school anytime for more information about other types of donations.

You may also donate online here through PayPal (which also accepts credit or debit cards). Use the link below to make a donation, which are all tax-deductible. Donors will receive a receipt for tax purposes.

Once you click the link to PayPal, donors can select a specific fund listed or select "Other" and indicate in the note the purpose of the donation.