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Since March 2020 when the COVID restrictions began, OCS was preparing to reopen the following school year with face-to-face instruction five days a week. Through much cooperation of so many, OCS began school on schedule Aug. 24 with full in-class instruction paired with remote learning for those with medical issues. We also are fulfilling not only all the health and safety guidelines, but also the mandate that the school purchase enough Chromebooks to supply each of our 700+ students with access to technology, sanitation stations, sanitary products, portable desk shields and stationary shields providing protection for every student in grades PK3-12, touchless and ear thermometers, and more.

Funding Withdrawn

Last month, OCS was informed, after the required expenditure of $183,000, that due to a federal court ruling, the promised funding was voided for non-public schools without low-income students. But, this ruling did not void the state mandate, placing our school in the difficult position of providing $183,000 in resources without the funds to cover the expenses.

We Need Your Help

Simply put, OCS must recoup these funds. So, in lieu of magazine sales this year, we are asking for donations to the #OCSReady Fund.

Any donation is accepted with great gratitude, and donations can be designed as monthly payments if you prefer.

Our OCS family has always been so very generous to us, and we thank you for your consideration.

To donate, click the link below and select #OCSReady Fund.


Community Support

OCS is grateful for community support in furthering our mission, Preparing Students for Time and Eternity.

We have several ways you can support our school that include volunteering your time or talents or donating monetarily. We gratefully accept your monetary gifts, which can come in the form of cash (credit card or checks). Please contact the school anytime for more information about other types of donations.

You may also donate online here through PayPal (which also accepts credit or debit cards). Use the link below to make a donation, which are all tax-deductible. Donors will receive a receipt for tax purposes.

Once you click the link to PayPal, donors can select a specific fund listed or select "Other" and indicate in the note the purpose of the donation.