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Admissions Requirements

Fill out this form to be considered for enrollment. This form begins the enrollment process and requires a fee of $350 (check payable to Ouachita Christian School). The fee covers the whole family, but each student requires a separate application.
When applying for OCS, we need the student's current administrator to fill out this evaluation form. This allows us to get an understanding of your student from an academic perspective. Please deliver the form to the administrator and ask that he or she fill it out and mail it to us directly.
Once you've completed the Student Enrollment Application and delivered the Administration Evaluation Form to the school's administrator, we kindly ask that you choose three teachers to fill out the Teacher Evaluation Form. This form is used as an academic reference. Please have teachers mail or fax completed forms to us directly.
As part of the enrollment process at OCS, each secondary student (grades 6-12) must complete this form. It must be signed by the applicant and a parent/guardian. This information will remain confidential.