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Financial Information

2024-25 Enrollment Fees and Tuition Rates

(Access PDF at right for 2023-24 rates)
The 2024-25 Family Enrollment Fee is $425
For Currently Enrolled Families
  • Non-refundable 
  • Due March 1 for the following school year.
  • Failure to pay this fee by the March 1 deadline will release OCS from any obligation to hold positions in classes and/or grades and will allow the school to offer those spaces to students on the waiting list. 
  • The enrollment fee for currently enrolled families increases to $475 after March 1 and to $525 after May 1.

For New Families
  • The Family Enrollment Fee is due when the student/family applies for enrollment.
General tuition covers basic instructional costs excluding the specific fees detailed below.  Each student receives an annual yearbook as a part of the tuition structure.   
Grade Level
Grades PK-4           $8,172
Grades 5-6              $8,382
Grades 7-8              $8,638
Grades 9-12            $9,046
If full tuition is paid by July 31, a discount of $100 per child is applied to the above rates. 
Monthly rates (July-May)* 
Grades PK-4   $742.91
Grades 5-6      $762.00
Grades 7-8      $785.27
Grades 9-12    $822.36
Quarterly payment rates (July, October, January, April)*
Grades PK-4   $2,043.00
Grades 5-6      $2,095.50
Grades 7-8      $2,159.50
Grades 9-12    $2,261.50
Students enrolling after the beginning of an academic year will be charged general tuition on a prorated daily basis, and the number and amount of monthly payments will be adjusted based upon the enrollment date. 
Multiple-Student Discount Schedule (oldest to youngest) 
2nd Child         20%
3rd child           35%
4th child           50%
5th child           53%
Payers make tuition payments through FACTS and pre-authorize a bank-to-bank transfer of funds from a bank account/credit/debit card for installments. Neither FACTS nor OCS will have direct access to a payer's financial account.
  • Automatic Bank Payment (ACH) – The payer authorizes FACTS to authorize ACH payments processed directly through the payer's financial institution. The ACH is a pre-approved bank-to-bank transfer of funds from a checking or savings account.
  • Credit or Debit Card – If this option is selected, the payment, along with a 2.85% fee, will be automatically charged to the payer's credit card (Visa/AMEX/MasterCard/Discover). 

Other Fees

(charged according to selected payment plan)

An After-School program is available for all students in grades PK3-8th grade. The cost is $7.00 a day, and this charge is added to the student’s account and billed monthly. The After-School program is available each school day from 2:45 p.m. to 5:30 p.m., after which a fee of $10 per minute per child is added to your bill.

PreK-8th                       $100

9th-12th                          $50

PreK - Kindergarten       $200

1st -12th                         $300

7th – 12th       $300

4th-6th             $25

7th – 12th        $50

Admits student to all OCS sporting events (some restrictions apply)

1st – 4th         $25

5th – 12th       $50

12th Grade - Advanced Placement Test fee(s)

  • $100 per test
  • Due May 1
  • Covers the cost of each Advanced Placement test taken in May
  • Billed to student’s account

10th and 11th Grade - PreACT/PSAT

  • $20
  • Due December 1
  • Charged to student’s account to cover the cost of administering the PSAT or PreACT in October
  • Billed to student's account



High school students who qualify for and enroll in Dual Enrollment courses through the University of Louisiana at Monroe, Louisiana Tech University and/or Delta Community College are responsible for two fees charged by the university and collected by OCS staff.


The tuition charge is per course and applies to the cost of the book/software for OCS and the university charges for the credit.


All qualified seniors and level juniors enroll in Dual Enrollment math.


  • APPLICATION FEE is subject to change without notice. It is due at the time of application, charged by each school, and is charged per academic year per school.


  • DUAL ENROLLMENT TUITION is based on the college’s billing structure. It is subject to change without notice and due after the course begins.

Lexington Food Services provides meal and snack service on campus in what is called "The Table."


  • Access pricing, menus, payment plan access and other information here.

This is an optional service, charged to the student account July through May.


  • One way rider fee - $90 less per year for each rate



Zone 1 (Monroe)

Zone 2 (West Monroe)

Zone 3 (Bastrop)


$111.36 ($1,225/yr)

$120.45 ($1,325/yr)

$129.95 ($1,425/yr)


$120.45 ($1,325/yr)

$129.55 ($1,425/yr)

$138.64 ($1,525/yr)