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Financial Information

  • Non-Refundable
  • Per-family, not per-student, fee
  • Due with re-enrollment or new student’s/family’s application
FOR CURRENTLY ENROLLED FAMILIES, this yearly, non-refundable enrollment fee is due March 1 for the following school year. Failure to pay this fee by the March 1 deadline will release OCS from any obligation to hold positions in classes and/or grades and allow the school to offer those spaces to students on the waiting list. A $50 late fee is assessed for currently enrolled families who do not pay the family enrollment fee by March 1. ​
FOR NEW STUDENT/FAMILY ENROLLMENT, this fee is due at the time the student/family applies for enrollment.
2020-2021 GENERAL TUITION (Due at registration):
covers basic instructional costs excluding the specific fees detailed below. The cost of a school yearbook is included for each enrolled student.
ANNUAL TUITION PAYMENT is at a discounted rate and must be received by July 31.
MONTHLY TUITION PAYMENT PLAN includes eleven tuition payments. The first payment is due at registration in July, and the remaining ten payments are due on the first of each month, August through May.
STUDENTS ENROLLING AFTER THE BEGINNING OF AN ACADEMIC YEAR will be charged General Tuition on a prorated daily basis, and the number and amount of monthly payments will be adjusted based upon the enrollment date.
Grade Level Annual (in-full July 31) Monthly (July-May)*
PK - 4 $6,945.00 $645.00
5 - 6 $7,143.00 $663.00
7 - 8 $7,385.00 $685.00
9 - 12 $7,770.00 $720.00
*Annual costs for monthly payment plans
PK - 4 $7,095.00  
5 - 6 $7,293.00  
7 - 8 $7,535.00  
9 - 12 $7,920.00  
MULTIPLE STUDENT DISCOUNTS are applied to tuition for families with multiple students enrolled.
Discount Schedule (oldest to youngest):
2nd Child 20%  
3nd Child 35%  
4nd Child 50%  
5nd Child 53%  
Fees listed below are charged per child enrolled as indicated.
> Class Dues
IN GRADES PK3 - 8, this fee is used to fund instructional activities and field trips/service opportunities. Money (except lunches) is not collected during the school year for this purpose.
IN GRADES 9 - 12, the fee is used for class activities/supplies and other class-specific responsibilities (homecoming, Junior/Senior Banquet, senior group portrait, etc.).
PK - 8 $90.00  
9 - 12 $30.00  
> Book and Supply Fee​
This fee covers textbooks, paperbacks, expendable workbooks, and other classroom instructional supplies. Books that are lost or damaged must be replaced by the student at the current replacement cost.
Pre-K - 12 $200.00  
> Technology Fee
This fee covers the use of technology on campus, mobile textbook apps and software licenses.
7 - 12 $100.00
> Chromebook Fees
     DEVICE FEE provides each student the personal use of a Chromebook on and off campus during the school year. This fee is charged only once for a student, when he/she enters the seventh grade or transfers into the 7th-12th grades. Click for more information.
     ANNUAL INSURANCE FEE is due every year. This fee covers maintenance of the student’s Chromebook and provides replacement if it becomes necessary. It does NOT cover lost or abused Chromebooks.
Device Fee $225.00  
Insurance Fee $50.00  
> Student "Eagle Pass" Fee
This required fee for each student in grades 7-12 provides an Eagle Pass card to the student. The Eagle Pass grants the student admission to all home regular-season games for all sports. We encourage students to save a copy of their card to their mobile phone so the card is always accessible for admission to home sporting events.
Eagle Pass Fee $50.00  
The following fees are assessed when applicable.
> Penalty Fees
These are assessed when applicable. Monthly tuition is due on the first of each month.
     RETURNED CHECK FEE is required for all checks that are not negotiable.
     LATE PAYMENT FEE is assessed on the 15th of the month at a rate of 1.5% per month on past due balances. Minimum charge is $20 per student/per month.
Returned Check Fee $25.00
Late Payment Fee $10.00
>Testing Fees
     ADVANCED PLACEMENT TESTING FEE covers the cost of each Advanced Placement test and is billed to the student’s account. The fee is due May 1.
     PSAT/PreACT TESTING FEE is charged to each student’s account to cover the cost of administering the PSAT or PreACT Test in October. It is due November 1.
AP Testing Fee
$100.00 per test
PSAT/PreACT Testing Fee $17.00  
> Dual Enrollment Fees
High school students who qualify for and enroll in Dual Enrollment courses through ULM and/or Louisiana Tech are responsible for two fees charged by the university and collected by OCS staff. The tuition charge is per course and applies to the cost of the book/software for OCS and the university charges for the credit. All seniors and honors-level juniors enroll in Dual Enrollment math.
     APPLICATION FEE is subject to change without notice. It is due at the time of application, charged by each school, and is charged per academic year per school.
     DUAL ENROLLMENT TUITION is based on the institution’s billing structure. It is subject to change without notice and due after the course begins.
Application Fee $20
Dual Enrollment Tuition $150 per 3-hour course
> Food Service
This is an optional service. The OCS cafeteria provides a hot lunch each day. Elementary students pay their teacher daily or weekly. Middle school and high school students pay daily in the cafeteria or buy a weekly lunch card in the office.
MONTHLY LUNCH PLAN requires nine payments beginning September 1 and should be requested at registration. For information, click here.
PK - 4 $4 per lunch
5 - 12 $5 per lunch
> Bus Transportation
This is an optional service, charged September through May. Students/families riding only one way will be charged $90 per year less than these rates.
  Zone 1 (Monroe) Zone 2 (West Monroe) Zone 3 (Bastrop)
Individual $120 ($1080/yr) $130 ($1170/yr) $140 ($1260/yr)
Family $130 ($1170/yr)
$140 ($1260/yr)
$150 ($1350/yr)
> SOAR Tutoring Program
SOAR is an optional program for students with clinically diagnosed learning differences. It is a classroom-based program with tutoring and modifications with a certified teacher. Fees are billed October - May, $62.50 per month.
PreK - 12 $500  
Two types of financial aid are available. Both programs are based on financial need and availability. A new application is required for each of these programs each year. For an application, contact Melissa Duncan,
> Financial Need Program
The Financial Need Program is available to students in any grade who have been enrolled for at least one
year. Applicants to the Financial Need Program may receive 10% in tuition aid. The deadline for applications is May 1 for the following school year.
> Minority Aid Program
Minority students in grades 6 – 12 may apply for the Minority Aid Program (MAP). Eligible applicants may receive 10% - 50% aid, based on the family income level. Applications for MAP are accepted year-round. The deadline for re-application for MAP applications is June 1 for the following school year.