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Dining Services

The TableLunch Information for 2022-2023

Welcome to The Table, the school’s new food service from Lexington Independents.


Every student has his or her own account at the register. 
  • You can send money with your child to add to his or her account at the register, or you can send money each day (cash or check only).
  • No change will be given at the register. Change is automatically added to your child’s account.
  • If your child does not have a balance on his or her account or money to pay for lunch, he or she may charge a day and pay for that lunch the next day.
  • Students in grades PreK - 3 use their student ID to charge at The Table. Grades 4-12 use their door key cards.


Online Account (OPTIONAL, but recommended)

Parents also have the option of creating an online account they can manage.  The online account will allow you to add money and view what charges your child has made each day.  The account will also send reminders, allow automatic payments, etc.


The Table director at OCS is Chris Foster, and he can be reached at [email protected].


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